All users must understand and accept that they play in L2 Mortal as a benefit and not as a right. Be a L2 Mortal user (gamer) and not a member. Everything provided by L2 Mortal for users belongs to L2 Mortal and not to users.
Each user must understand and accept that they play for free in L2 Mortal, as there is no mandatory payment. Therefore, there is no contractual contractual link between the L2 Mortal service and the user.
When creating your account, you must understand and accept that you are not a customer of L2 Mortal, that L2 Mortal does not provide any payment service to you or that it is contracted by you, but that you are creating a user account in a private account. The server as a benefit provided free of charge by L2 Mortal to its user.
Also understand that L2 Mortal administrators are doing you a favor by providing you with the L2 Mortal server for free and never fulfilling your obligations.
The main means of communication with the Administration of L2 Mortal is our Forum and emails. The presence of GM (Game Master) in the game is done objectively, testing the server and correcting problems, without interfering in any way with the game of the users.
The L2 Mortal Administration will never ask you for your access passwords, your L2 Mortal accounts, your characters or items under any circumstances or in any form of contact. Never give your access elements, accounts or passwords to anyone who says L2 Mortal Administration, because we are not responsible for the recovery if you do so and you will lose your elements or accounts.
The official language of the server is English, however we will endeavor to provide information and support to all international players.
All penalties for non-compliance with any term or rule expressed in this document apply to the accounts or the offending characters, regardless of who is under their control.
It is the obligation of each user to know and follow all the terms and rules expressed in this document before participating in L2 Mortal. Users who fail to comply with any term or rule expressed in this document will not be penalized for not knowing all of our general terms and rules of conduct.
1. Always treat all Mortal L2 administrators, game teachers, and administration team members with the utmost respect. Any act of disrespect with the L2 Mortal Administration or the L2 Mortal Server, such as inventing fraudulent rumors, lies or falsehoods about the Administration or the L2 Mortal server, regardless of the means carried out, will result in punishment.
2. Passing by any Game Master (GM) or member of the Mortal L2 Administration is prohibited.
3. Disclosure, comments or insinuations on any other Lineage II server in any medium established by L2 Mortal is prohibited.
4. It is prohibited to negotiate the purchase, sale or exchange of accounts, characters and / or articles through the means of L2 Mortal, either by means of real-time coins or any other type of barter for material or virtual goods outside the game or of the world. from L2 Mortal.
5. It is prohibited to use BUGs or any type of problem or fault found in the Game, Forum or Site that will benefit you in relation to other players in any way. In the event that a player discovers any ERROR (problem / failure) in the Game, Forum or Site, he must be immediately informed to the Administration of L2 Mortal.
6. Never ask for a level, articles, announcements, teleporters or any kind of benefit to any member of the Administration of L2 Mortal, since you will not be notified or you can even be punished according to the circumstances.
7. Programs that interact with Lineage II in any way to provide you with any benefit or ease, albeit minimal, for other players are not permitted. We even have automatic protections that can permanently lock your computer if you try to use these programs.
8. Your L2 Mortal account is personal and non-transferable, which implies that you are responsible for your own security. Never give your login password to any other player, including administrators, game masters, or anyone else. Make sure the computer you use to play games is secure.
5000/5000 8.1. Never run interactivity programs with your Lineage II that are not available by Mortal L2 Administration as they may contain viruses and keyloggers, which may result in the theft of your user accounts and / or items.
8.2. L2 Mortal is not responsible for stolen, stolen, lost, borrowed, and unreturned items lost in Karma due to Karma, lost and lost, items that have lost their enchantments due to standard game features, etc. It depends on the user. to care for the integrity and maintenance of your accounts, characters and items, and not the L2 Mortal Administration.
8.3. The L2 Mortal Administration guarantees the complete integrity and security of the server, and it is not possible to steal articles or accounts directly from the server, site or forum, that is, any type of account and theft of articles is due to carelessness or misuse of Users who lend their accounts and articles or try to use additional programs that have viruses and resulted in the theft of their accounts.
9. All user data (its accuracy and maintenance) are the sole responsibility of the users.
9.1. L2 Mortal Administration will not forward usernames, passwords, email account registration, or change account emails because they are forgotten or invalid or disabled. Take care of your data and keep your email account active, as it is necessary if you need to recover your password.
9.2. The L2 Mortal Administration is not responsible for data that has been forgotten, lost, deleted or invalidated for any reason.
10. It is forbidden to offend other players with low slang, pejorative, offensive, pornographic, racist and other words. This rule is valid for the global chats of the game (Shout, Trade and Hero Voice) and for any other means of communication provided by L2 Mortal.
10.1 In non-global chats, use the / block command to not see messages from unwanted players.
10.2 Use Hero Voice wisely as it involves reading the entire server. Avoid unnecessary punishment.
10.3 It is also prohibited to use any L2 Mortal communication means to incite or manipulate L2 Mortal server players against the Administration.
11. Players who lose any kind of battle in the game and start spreading rumors of illegal cheating to the winning player can be punished if they insist on prosecution. L2 Mortal Management will not allow bad losing players to tarnish the L2 Mortal server image because they don't know how to lose.
11.1 Lineage II is a game where you win and lose. There is no perfect or immortal character, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.
12. Any attitude within the game where the Anti-Game attitude is observed and by interpretation of the Administrators or Game Masters (Actions considered improper and of bad character) there will be relative punishment also according to the interpretation of the Administration of the L2 Mortal. / >> 12.1 Below we list some examples of attitudes considered anti-gambling and liable to punishment. But this rule does not apply only to these examples, as the Anti-Gambling attitude is not limited to them:

12.2 Intentionally losing at the Olympiads to give points to a friend, such as: taking out the team and letting the opponent beat you, alleging slowness, jam or bug with the intention of disguising so that the opponent wins, not fighting properly (playing in the fight), etc.

12.3 Traversing or attempting to mislead the events of the L2 Mortal in any way, whether from automatic events or events done by GMs. Like for example: staying away during events, just waiting for your team to win for you, attacking or killing members of your own team, intentionally trying to cause an error, etc.

12.4 Create Sale Private Stores claiming to Buy or vice versa, sell certain items claiming to be selling others with the intention of deceiving players, lying the price, etc.

13. The media organized by the game and L2 Mortal exist to facilitate communication between L2 Mortal players about the L2 Mortal world and not as advertising platforms for the personal business of L2 Mortal users. L2 Mortal's media business will not be accepted through any means of communication.
13.1 If any user wishes to advertise their website, blog, etc. Through L2 Mortal structures, please contact L2 Mortal Administration through Support to know the association rules.
Failure to comply or break any previous item can result in various types of punishment, from the temporary arrest of the character to the permanent suspension of the user's account or computer. It is the responsibility of the L2 Z2 Administration to judge the type of punishment required for each occurrence. Example of punishments.
L2 Mortal reserves the right to change these rules without prior notice, as it is up to you to be updated on them.

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